Monday, October 17, 2011

PROJECT 4 : PSA 2011

Planning students assembly

(psa USM 2011)

Planning Student Assembly 2011 is the continuation of a tradition which is held annually at different universities which offered courses in urban planning. The aim of the event is to encourage planning students from various universities to get to know each other and forge closer interaction through various activities which are held in the event.

The theme for PSA 2011 event is Living Heritage: a Sustainable Legacy. The theme is chosen as an appreciation towards Penang, in particular George Town which has been listed as a World Heritage Site by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) along with Melaka. George Town exhibits a great example of a city which was founded with influences from people of various backgrounds from all over the region and beyond. Such influences continue to survive until today in the forms of architecture and culture which come to define Penang and Malaysia in general.

  • To gather all students from planning courses from different universities around Malaysia to attend the event
  • To provide avenue for students from different universities to get to know each other and forge a closer interaction.
  • To encourage students to explore different learning environment by visiting other places outside of their usual learning environment
  • To acknowledge planning students about the importance of the field of planning by using this event as a tool for learning.
  • To encourage planning students to take a more proactive role in the field of planning to prepare themselves for the future as urban planner.

PROJECT 1 : Concept Plan